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Filcro Media Staffing
A Media and Broadcasting Executive Search Firm

This Filcro Media Staffing page offers detailed reviews of the firm and noted media recruitment expertise from Manager to CXO across diverse media platforms in domestic and international markets.

Clients and candidates can learn about the specialized media recruitment services offered by the firm and the Filcro Media Staffing proprietary tools and documented experience identifying exceptional media and broadcasting executives.

Filcro Media Staffing is an extensive amalgam of media centric executive recruitment and human resource services devoted exclusively to the media and broadcasting industries. Examples:

Filcro Media Staffing is focused to target media markets, media business verticals, media platforms and the varied levels of media executives to be recruited, with four decades of media recruitment expertise; the firm exhibits noted expeditious efficacy

Executive searches facilitating media platform management, monetization and build-out are verbosely profiled in case histories with sub-categories as stand-alone entities or components of multicast, multiplex, multichannel structures.  All domestic and international broadcasters, producers of content and providers of business, technical and creative services to the media and entertainment industries as well as Fortune 50-500 with media interests are supported with media industry focused recruitment services and profiled for review.

Transparency: The full-cycle of the executive search process of Filcro Media Staffing recruitment assignments are profiled to include the hiring entity\'s need assessment and business goals, choosing Filcro Media Staffing, planning the search, search strategy, candidate identification, recruitment, vetting and attraction of the media executives in verbose case histories for review.

OTA is great.  As is OTT, Mobile, MSO, Satellite, DOOH and a host of other platforms requiring varied business, technical and creative modalities for assimilation and monetization.  From the devices themselves, OEM relationships or the CODEC required,  Filcro Media Staffing understands.

Happily engaged, successful media executives are not making appointments to assimilate recruitment overtures the way Nielsen families used to tune into their favorite TV shows.  Filcro Media Staffing utilizes proprietary recruitment tools that circumvent The Recruitment DVR, in US | LATAM | EU | ASIA | MENA and emerging media markets.  Filcro Media Staffing is in essence, the original, DTC, OTT executive recruitment firm.

Filcro Media Staffing The diverse global media and broadcasting interests represented by Filcro Media Staffing can be reviewed and are documented.


The individual practice groups facilitate insight into the business, technical and creative recruitment acumen of Filcro Media Staffing with regard to tactical and strategic identification on varied management levels in diverse geographics.

Understanding how a specialized media executive search firm is brings searches to fruition is important and Filcro Media Staffing maintains transparency.  Exhibiting the business goals, search strategy, identification, recruitment, screening and attraction process, is unequaled in the industry.  Hiring managers and human resource professionals will enjoy reading the intimate details of how Filcro Media Staffing brings search assignments to fruition and how the client companies and candidate feel about their experiences.



The ExecutiveSearch.TV website for Filcro Media Staffing is still very popular and showcases the firm’s holistic approach to media executive search and the transparent documentation of the staffing tools utilized through the entire executive search process.   Hiring entities and media executives enjoy reading Filcro Media\'s case histories and how the firm brings media centric executive searches to fruition.  This older site was replaced by to utilize tools to enhance mobile access and portal security.

Media Industry professionals will appreciate the normalization of nomenclature in every business, technical and creative environment profiled in the listed practice groups.  The verbose case histories of executive search assignments are intended to assure clients and candidates that Filcro Media Staffing is verifiably one of the leading media and broadcasting executive search firms in the world.

Filcro Media Staffing offers turn-key, cost-effective verifiable efficacy to clients seeking expeditious media recruitment no matter the level of executive being sought.

When recruiting in US, ASIA, MENA, LATAM or EU markets, media entities can easily relate to the regiments and definitions utilized by Filcro Media Staffing. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Atlanta, DFW and other primary U.S. media markets are serviced regularly for rapid identification.

Filcro Media Staffing is constantly relocating media executives to meet the demanding needs of all domestic and international markets.

As an executive search firm in a highly specialized media space we welcome queries pertaining to executive search initiation, cadence, terms and conditions, and Filcro Media Staffing\'s identification capabilities within context of a specific geographic.

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A Media and Broadcasting Executive Search Firm

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